I'm Steve Charles, an independent breath trainer working in Amsterdam – in English or Dutch

Personal breathwork training

I look forward to helping you with breathwork techniques I draw from a spectrum of tried-and-tested methods, including connected breathing, yogic breathing (pranayama), systema, Buteyko, functional breathing, hyperventilation (Wim Hof style and others), freediving and complete diaphragmatic breathing, alongside proven anxiety reduction exercises.

Steve Charles Steve Charles leading an introductory group session

Who can benefit?

Breathing exercises are powerful, multi-purpose tools for fixing all sorts of health issues. The latest science shows that applying the correct breathing techniques helps a wide range of wellbeing needs around tension, anxiety, sleep, apnoea, fatigue, posture, fitness, blood pressure, asthma, mood disorders and more.

immediate and enduring benefits

My 360 approach

Your priorities, needs and situation are unique. Experience has shown me that personalised, fine-tuned coaching that draws on multiple techniques has the best immediate and enduring benefits. Different types of breathing have different positive effects on the body and mind – there's no single method that works for everyone. Together, we'll find the combination that works best for you.

Your breath toolkit

Come to me if you are looking for support in learning to breathe in ways that improve your physical, emotional and/or mental state. I will introduce you to the breathing exercises that meet your needs, and help you integrate them in your daily life. You will gradually build your very own breath toolkit – use it whenever and however you want.